Urban culture has grown to influence much of our society from television to  music to clothing, and hair is no exception.  Historically called the “Princeton” or “Harvard” cut, this classic style has recently emerged as a fashion trend with an urban edge and is being referred to now as simply “the combover”.  This style is a more conservative wear but is modernized by adding a trimmer and/or razor blade accent to the part, hardening the look.  This “hard part” coupled with a fresh shapeup to the front of the cut adds some flavor, as i like to call it, to this classic style.

Of course, the original style minus the “hard part” is equally as trendy and executed the same way.  Clipper work on the sides and nape/neck region of the head is necessary.  The closeness of the fade will vary from client to client as preference determines that.  The cut is topped off, literally, with shear work to the clients desired length.  The hair is then parted and combed to the side.  This look is very versatile but definitely a more conservative one. Book your appointment for the combover this week.

IMG_0248 What-is-a-combover-haircut-style-learn-more-from-berto-the-barber

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    Cool hair cuts

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    Cool hair cuts
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